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Wrong Number (Marry My Daughter)

A misdialled call or a call to a wrong number is not new in United States. 

This may occur because the number has been physically misdialled, the number was simply incorrect, or most likely, the number was given to another subscriber. 

CDMA or Code Division Multiple Access is the channel access method used by most telecommunication companies in United States; thus, handsets or cellular phones doesn’t have SIM card slots. Subscribers will be given cellular numbers by their providers such as Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T. 

Phone numbers in the United States are recycled numbers, which means that the number that you’re using right now might have been used by someone else few months or years ago. And if the old owner of your number happens to have a lot of debts, you will suffer calls from different people, worse, different collection companies. 

In fact, when I was still working in one of the biggest telecommunication companies in United States as a technical support, one of the complaints that I’d been receiving from irate customers is “Misdialled calls!” 

Imagine this scenario: you’re having dinner with your friends at your house; you’re showing off your new and expensive cars, and then someone calls you on your phone asking you to pay your debts! That is so embarrassing with a capital GRRR. As someone who can’t really relate to the situation, the only solution I can offer is to change their phone number and pray that the old owner of that number was not as worse as the previous one. 

It’s a little different in the Philippines. We use GSM phones, which means we need to use SIM cards for our handsets to work. Changing handsets from time to time won’t be a problem as long as you’ll use the same SIM card. That is why it is very rare that we will receive misdialled calls in the Philippines. 

One night, while washing the dishes, I received a call from an unknown number, and the guy, who sounded like he's in his late fifties, on the other line was shouting and asking me to marry her daughter. Imagine that? 


“Huy! Buang ka nga laki! Imong giburosan akong anak unya magtago-tago ka. Ayaw pagbinayot! Pakasli akong anak! Pakasli kung di ka gusto mamatay!" 

"Sir, basin sayop imong gi-dial nga number. Unsa diay ngan sa imong anak?" 

“Ayaw na pag palusot, dong! Pakasli ni akong anak! Magkita ta karong hapon sa Ayala Mall!”

I was scared and confused! It could be one of my ex-girlfriends’ father. I ended up meeting him and his daughter in a mall with my friends all over the place just to make sure I won’t get killed, praying that it is just a prank or something. 

I approached a man wearing a red t-shirt with a beautiful lady sitting beside him. I said with smile, “Hi, sir. Ako tong mominyo sa imong anak!” 

I heard the girl whispered to him, “Di man na siya mao, Pa.” 

Should I be happy or should I be insulted? Nevertheless, I am proud to say, “Nagpakalalaki ko!” 

Ikaw? Pagpakalalaki na! Supportahi to imong anak sa tago!


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