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Tinago Falls



Have you heard about the City of Majestic Waterfalls, Iligan City? Have you been to its 23 waterfalls, no? I'm sorry but this is not about the 23 waterfalls of Iligan City. This is just about 1 waterfall and no, not the very popular Maria Cristina Falls.

We’ll talk about this beautiful waterfall hidden in a deep ravine, hence the name, Tinago Falls. Tinago means hidden in a local dialect. Accessible only by a 500-steps descending staircase.


A perfect place to be with your family and friends. Enjoy the water that plunges from a 240-feet cliff and its deep basin-like pool. If you’re into climbing, you can also climb the cliffs beside the falls where you can jump and experience an adrenaline rush. But you need to be extra careful, it’s really dangerous!

You can also try the bamboo boat ride where you can go and stay under the falls and listen to its rumbling sound. Put this on your bucket list, you'll never regret it!

Legend has it that a very proud king and queen's child was cursed to be ugly by an enchantress, disguised as a beggar. When the child grew up, 
that same enchantress saw her and made an offer to transform her into something of great beauty and splendor. She accepted the offer and became the Tinago Falls.

But legend or not, Tinago Falls is indeed a place of great beauty and splendor. Have fun! :-)

If you have plans to visit Tinago Falls, here are the things that you might need to take note:

·         No entrance fee (donations only)

·         Life jacket Php25.00

·         Tables/Cottages Php100 - 300.00 (or you can use big rocks for free)

·         Bamboo boat ride Php10.00

·         Don’t rush when going down/up with the staircase. (remember, 500 steps)

·         No charging stations/outlets. (but don’t worry, there are lights at night)

·         Buy foods/drinks in the city. (there are no small stores or restaurants there)

·         Use four-wheels. (It’s a rough road from the city to the entrance of the falls)


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