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                The 3 Idiots

It was early in the morning, everyone was so busy looking for familiar faces, exchanging names and making new friends. It was the first day of college.

                As I scanned the people inside the room to look for familiar faces, I decided to sit down in front of the class because it’s easy to listen to the professor while having discussions. On my right was Cromer and on my left was Ceasar, who will turn out to be my closest buddies in the future. Who would have thought, right? We didn’t know each other but that mutual feeling or shall I say that mutual deed of sight-seeing beautiful girls in the cafeteria on our vacant times made us friends.

                Ah! I know what you’re thinking. Alright! Yes, I admit it; we don’t just search for beautiful girls in the cafeteria. We do it everywhere. Who doesn’t, right? But back to the three idiots, imagine that intimate connection among the three of us, it’s just so strong that we still remained buddies after college. Yes, we remained buddies after college and we’ve decided to live under the same roof. This time we don’t just do sight-seeing anymore. We became professional in this field. We already know how to start a conversation with a woman, ask for their numbers and sometimes, go somewhere else. Imagine the improvement, right?

                I was the shy type among the three. Obviously, that’s a joke! I was the talkative one. I even talk while sleeping, that’s how talkative I am. Sometimes, I wonder if the reason why girls are not attracted to me is because I talk a lot of nonsense things. I also wonder why some girls would love to go with silent and mysterious guys. That’s so boring! It was so difficult to make a girl fall for me. Take note of the WAS there. Perhaps, I just don’t have the looks that can make a girl fall in love with me at first sight. Oh well, that explains my sense of humor. Oh well. Whatever! Duh! &^$%#Q#^%$*

                On the other hand, Cromer was the opposite of me. So silent … but so dangerous. The word dangerous there is literally meant, no exaggeration. If you can’t remember him, he’s the one who always wear sunglasses even without a sun. He’s the one who pressed the “FIRE ALARM” button at the Gym lobby and walked out as fast as he could and when a guy confronted me, I just pretended to be innocent even if I was the one who dared him to press it. Well, we all have the right to invoke our rights against self-incrimination, right? That’s three rights in a sentence.

Rumor has it that this guy almost committed suicide because he was not accepted by one of the biggest fast food chain in this country on his first application. Imagine how dangerous this guy is. I wonder why I befriended this guy. Oh well.

                On the other hand and I’m referring to my left hand now, Ceasar is the dominant one among the three idiots of this story. He’s the decision maker, the leader. So, if we had committed crimes before which we may have already forgotten, you can take this guy responsible. Haha! He decides where to go, where to eat, what to eat and of course, he pays the bill. A very smart and gutsy guy! That explains why he’s the only one who didn’t suffer a summer class for passing the Algebra subject during the first semester of our 1st year. You might have not seen him because he’s a now-you-see-me-soon-you-won’t person, but I’m sure you’ve heard his voice in the radio, at a mall, and in most of the events in the University.

                I don’t know with the two of them but I personally consider them as my brothers from two different mothers. For years of living under the same roof, misunderstandings will never be out of the story. It even happens with your biological siblings, right? But I guess the foundation of our friendship is just really so strong that we still remain friends amidst it all.

                I have wasted almost 9 years of my life staying with these two idiots and I’m willing to waste more of it in the future. I’m looking forward to this never ending friendship until the day that we’ll meet up somewhere, holding a glass of brandy or wine while reminiscing how good we were back then.

                Cheers to never growing up!











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