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Operation: English Only Policy

Posted: 09/20/2014  05:17 PM EST


“You’re paid to speak English!” the supervisor said.

When I got home I searched for the contract that I signed with the company. I spent hours reading it; I can’t seem to find the same exact line, not even a phrase of the same meaning.

Yes, I’m talking about EOP. English Only Policy. What about it? Well, nothing really important. I’m just sharing something based on experience.

I understand that working in a BPO company requires you to speak English. After all, one of the reasons why they hire people is because they have excellent English communication skills. I have no problem with that. I mean, we’re talking to Americans most of the times. I used “most of the time” there ‘cause sometimes we get to talk to Indians, Singaporeans, Mexicans, Europeans and a lot more of funny accents, including Filipinos. I’m not trying to be a racist; I’m stating a fact about my job. I have my own accent too.

My cry is for the people who require agents to follow EOP in the lobby, in the pantry, in the sleeping lounge, and worst, in the wash room.

Once, while I was sitting inside a cubicle with a tissue beside me and with my pants down, doing my thing, I overheard two agents talking, “How big is yours?” asked the first guy, “Just enough to make my wife happy. Yours?” the second guy asked back, “Mine is so small. I don’t think my wife will be happy with this.” The first guy answered and then they left the room.

I was left in the cubicle, sitting, with eyes wide-opened, thinking “Did they just compare the sizes of their d*cks?”

Curious and confused, I followed them. Don’t worry, I already wiped my ass and wash my hands, you dirty minds! I found out that they’re newbies, following the EOP signs posted on every wall of the building and no, they were not comparing their sizes, they were comparing their salaries. Funny isn’t it?

You see how EOP can affect your gender? Ha! Let’s admit it, we are Filipinos, we are not native English speakers. Even if you’ve worked for 20 years in a BPO company, spent your 8 or 9 boring hours a day speaking English on the phone with real Americans. You can never have that perfect American twang!

Now for the hypocrites who require agents to follow EOP on every corner of the building, I’ll leave you with this:

Gipanganak ko nga bisaya og mamatay ko nga bisaya. EOP your face! Translate that!



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