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As a Call Center Agent, it’s best if I write something I know from experience.  Yes! I’m referring to a Mute button. No, not the one on your TV remote.  Damn it!

But talking about the Mute button on your remote, try watching Kris Aquino  on TV while on mute, she’s still annoying! Might have something to do with  her face! I don’t know. LOL. Anyway, Let's leave Kris Aquino alone, she and her face has nothing to do with this.

My childhood was great and full of adventures because of the "Mute" button. Every midnight, I'll sneak out into our living room, turn on the TV, put the DVD on, hold the remote with my left hand, please don't ask what am I holding on my right. >:) Then press Mute everytime the girl on the movie screams. If you don't have any idea what I'm saying, try searching "Maria Ozawa" on Google and please make sure there are no kids behind you.

That's the "Mute" button of my childhood but I have a different "Mute" button now.

This “Mute” button has been my best friend since I stepped into my first  BPO Company.  Either from an awkward moment of mispronouncing a word  or that angry moment of having an irate customer who doesn’t stop talking.  “Mute” button always got my back.

To our customers, I say “Fuck you too!” whenever you say your “F” word.  And I say “Go ahead! I don’t care!” whenever you threaten me that you’ll cancel your contract with us. I don’t fuckin’ care. Really!

But those responses were all covered by my “Mute” button. Most of them, I guess. I hope.

“Why do you always put your customer on mute?” My Team Lead asked on one of our weekly coaching. I didn’t answer. “You need to stop doing that”, he added. “But TL”, I rebutted. “NO buts”, he interrupted.

The next thing I know, I have an HR hearing due to rudeness ‘cause I said the “F” word to my customer while not on mute.

I blame it all to my Team Lead. I’m just following instructions.





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