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Started smoking when sin tax was approved.

I have never been and will never be a good writer. But I'll try my best to be as funny and as sarcastic as possible, Ah! My specialties. At least there are things I'm still good at, right?

In the next few months, I will be writing about your favorite places, events, foods and your favorite porn site to visit. But to set your expectations, I will be writing more about my favorite porn site, it's up to you to relate. I won't be doing that in this part of the page though. Allow me to write something about myself first. Please?

Seriously, I'm not good with grammar and all the Subject Verb Agreements that you've learned since high school. The only agreement I know is the one that I signed whenever I get hired by a company.

I'm in my fourth BPO company now which means I'm one of the barubal call center agents in this country. As a college dropped out, BPO is the only industry that offers good pay, aside from the free coffee, or maybe it's the only industry that pays undergraduates higher than some of those degree holders, as long as you have experience.

I'm not trying to be a racist or what but Americans can be so mean specially if they're charged an extra cent. I mean it, charge them one cent on their bill without a very good explanation and you'll get customer that sounds like Chris

But anyway, it's a No Americans, No Pay era so you got to deal with it. Breaking news, meteor crash in New York.. What the, change topic please.

Back to the topic, I'm a pure Kagay-anon, was not born but was raised in Cagayan de Oro. I was inlove with the city until I met the Queen City of the South, Cebu City. I'm sorry, what I meant was there's a lot of beautiful ladies in Cebu than CDeO. But still, there's no place like home.

I won't be sharing personal stuff here, like I have a delinquent account with Globe that I wasn't able to pay 'cause the phone got stolen and I used a fake TOR on my first job and I photoshopped it all by myself. Things like those won't be shared in this site. But if you need a fake TOR, just PM me on Facebook, it's affordable. Lol.

Though I'm gifted with my height, I'm not the sporty type but I know how to play a lot of sports which translates tapulan in vernacular.

And just a little bit about my physical description. I'm tall, dark and darker.

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