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I Was A Better Boxer Than Mayweather


“Mayweather may have won, but Pacquiao is still the champion.”

Many were disappointed with the so-called Fight of the Century. Like, seriously, we have waited for years to see that fight, we have paid thousands for the pay-per-view, we have prepared food and beer on our table, we have placed our big-screen TVs outside so that the neighbors who can’t afford to pay a cable connection may be able to watch the fight real-time, and all we’ve got was a fight where one player was chasing and the other one was running, trying to defend his record.

What a fight! My four-year-old nephew can fight better than what he did.

Some would say, “At least Mayweather played according to the rules and he played smart.” Sure, point taken there! But still, it wasn’t a good fight. It wasn’t even a fight at all.

After the fight, social media are trending with the Gayweather hashtags. What an insult to the gay community. He’s not even worthy to be called gay. He’s far away from being gay. He’s a coward!

It’s better to lose a fight with dignity than to win but booed by your own people! Yes, Americans booed him and gave him the finger, but he doesn’t seem to care.

That explains why he calls himself Money.

On the other hand, Manny fought like real boxer. Each punch was powered by an eagerness to knock Mayweather down, the eagerness to win. Yes, he may have lost the fight, but he remains a champion.

It reminded me of my childhood, when I was still a wayward son of my parents. I had my share of boxing, not in a ring, but on the streets or sometimes at school.

I remember when I was still at my first year in high school. My classmate and I were gambling that ended up into fighting.

He punched me with his right, I dodged.

He punched me with his left.

I gave him an uppercut.

He punched me on my cheek.

I punched him in the head . . . and the rest is history.

I can’t remember who stopped us. It’s probably the school’s security guard, but what I can’t forget is we ended up at the prefect of discipline’s office. My right hand got fractured, and his nose was bleeding.

My classmate who was my enemy few minutes ago helped me write my name on the incident report form. I lend him some money so that he can ride a motorcycle. The next day we were friends again. We showed good sportsmanship.

There was no judges’ unanimous decision for the winner, but by the principal’s decision, our parents were called and we were suspended for a day.

But at least I’m proud to say that I didn’t run, I didn’t hide, and we didn’t hug. I fought better than Mayweather.


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