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How to Love a Guy

Did you notice that some if not most of guys turn out be cheating in the long run of a relationship? Have you ever wondered why your best friend’s husband cheated on her? Or perhaps, your husband cheated on you? Obviously, my questions are for the ladies! Have you ever wondered why?

I may not know the answer, but I can give you my opinion. Ha! Yes, I know what you’re thinking—my opinion may or may not answer your questions or you may not agree with my opinion, but I don’t care. Really!

So, I’ve asked a couple of ladies who have been cheated by their previous guy(s) a question:  “How did you love your guy?” Most of the answers I got are of the same thought of this line, “I had loved him the right way and with the best that I can!” and all of them said it with anger!

I asked them another question, “Is your right way of loving him is really right for him?” and there was silence for seconds before I got the “I think so…” answers.

So what is really the right way of loving a guy?

My friend, love your guy like a dog! If you think you’ve read it wrong, read again the first sentence of this paragraph, and don’t give me that look! Please don’t get me wrong ’cause even guys don’t even know that they wanted to be loved like a dog too. But seriously, love him like a dog. Why?

Here’s the reason why. What do you do to your dog? You leave your dog alone until the dog wants to eat food or wants to play with you. You say “I love you” to your dog, but you don’t wait for its response because you know how it feels—your dog loves you back. Your dog may play with other people, but you won’t mind ’cause you know that it will always come back to you.

Often, you feel lonely when your dog is not around. The first thing you want to see when you get back from vacation is your dog. Your dog is your best friend when no one else understands you. Do you agree with me so far? If yes, let’s proceed. If not, stop reading, buy a dog, and catch up in the next paragraph when you already know the feeling.

Scratch your dog’s ear, give it a kiss on its forehead, look it in the eye, and you’ll just know how it feels—your dog loves you! You let your dog play outside the house, and you know it will always come back.

That, my girl friends, should be the right way to love your guy!

We, guys, need a girlfriend, not a mother because we already have one, and it’s already more than enough. You don’t tell us what to do; we’re grownups. You don’t tell us when to go home; we have a watch. You don’t tell us what and when to eat; we know our appetite. You don’t tell us who to hang out with; we can smell our enemies. And for God’s sake, you don’t tell us how to drive; we’re licensed to do it!

If given a chance to live another life when I die, I’d rather be someone’s dog.

So girls, put this in mind! Love your guy like a dog! No dogs were harmed while writing this!

Image source: http://hdwyn.com/wallpaper_mirror/girl_dog_happiness_friendship_nature_green_hd-wallpaper-73741.jpg

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