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Ako estudyante diri sa dakbayan.
Sa akong pagkabatan’on daghan kog nkat’onan.
Magbugoy-bugoy uban sa barkada.
Apan pagkadugayan nagbag’o ra.

Sugod sinugdanan hantod kataposan,
Sa high school usa ra ang eskwelahan.
Niabot ang panahon ako naibog na,
Sa babae nga perte gyud ka’gwapa....

Operation: English Only Policy

“You’re paid to speak English!” the supervisor said.

When I got home I searched for the contract that I signed with the company. I spent hours reading it; I can’t seem to find the same exact line, not even a phrase of the same meaning.

Yes, I’m talking about EOP. English Only Policy. What about it? Well, nothing really important. I’m just sharing something based on experience.


As a Call Center Agent, it’s best if I write something I know from experience.  Yes! I’m referring to a Mute button. No, not the one on your TV remote.  Damn it!

But talking about the Mute button on your remote, try watching Kris Aquino on TV while on mute, she’s still annoying! Might have something to do with her face! I don’t know. LOL. Anyway, Let's leave Kris Aquino alone, she and her face has nothing to do with this.

Xplorer Riders Club (XRC Philippines)

Xplorer Riders Club is a non-profitable organization of Xplorer bike owners. The group is founded by Archilles Morales last 2012, he owns an Xplorer X200r, started as a small group on Facebook where members share their experience and problems regarding Xplorer bikes.

The group grew rapidly through specific areas like XRC Cebu, XRC Davao, XRC Negros, XRC NCR, XRC Cavite, XRC Baguio and more. This time the group don’t just brainstorm ideas but they also build camaraderie by having joyrides, seminars and joining community services.

When I Die

Do you have plans when you die? Have you saved money for your funeral? No? Me neither. Death is not something that is planned. You’ll never know when you’ll die, not unless if you’ll commit suicide. 

You could be poisoned while eating your favorite baby-back-ribs at one of the biggest restaurants; you could be struck by lightning while smoking outside your office and die; or simply burn your lungs for smoking too much. You’ll never know. I could die right now while writing this for no particular reason at all.

What? No, I’m not writing this to teach you how to plan your death, that’s suicide. As a Christian, I don’t support suicides though I could give few tips on how to do it. But no, this isn’t about suicide tips.

Good Grammar Is Sexy

If you don’t want the god of grammar to strike you with a lightning of words, you’d better be particular with your grammar.

In this industry, I’ve heard a lot of people talk in English with a very good accent and grammar. But their Facebook and Twitter accounts are not so pleasing to the eye. It doesn’t necessarily mean that if you’re excellent in conversational English then you’ll be excellent in writing, too. Spelling and punctuations matter the most in writing.

Tinago Falls

Have you heard about the City of Majestic Waterfalls, Iligan City? Have you been to its 23 waterfalls, no? I'm sorry but this is not about the 23 waterfalls of Iligan City. This is just about 1 waterfall and no, not the very popular Maria Cristina Falls.

We’ll talk about this beautiful waterfall hidden in a deep ravine, hence the name, Tinago Falls. Tinago means hidden in a local dialect. Accessible only by a 500-steps descending staircase.

The Real 3 Idiots

It was early in the morning, everyone was so busy looking for familiar faces, exchanging names and making new friends. It was the first day of college.

As I scanned the people inside the room to look for familiar faces, I decided to sit down in front of the class because it’s easy to listen to the professor while having discussions. On my right was Cromer and on my left was Ceasar, who will turn out to be my closest buddies in the future. Who would have thought, right? We didn’t know each other but that mutual feeling or shall I say that mutual deed of sight-seeing beautiful girls in the cafeteria on our vacant times made us friends.

An Apple A Glass Of Beer A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Yes, you’ve read the title right!

This is inspired from the popular belief that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. I don’t like apples and I know a lot out there who feels the same way to that fruit. But for their protection, I’m not allowed to mention their names.

My unhealthy friends and I, who wanted to have a healthy lifestyle but hate apple, made an intensive research on how we can keep the doctor away without eating apple every single day.

How To Love A Guy   

Did you notice that some if not most of guys turn out be cheating in the long run of a relationship? Have you ever wondered why your best friend’s husband cheated on her? Or perhaps, your husband cheated on you? Obviously, my questions are for the ladies! Have you ever wondered why?

I may not know the answer, but I can give you my opinion. Ha! Yes, I know what you’re thinking—my opinion may or may not answer your questions or you may not agree with my opinion, but I don’t care. Really!

A Letter To No One

Dear Friend, 

It’s been a long time since we’ve talked. I hope this letter finds you well. 

I have been suffering from gout arthritis for the past few weeks because of a high level of uric acid in my blood due to excessive drinking of beer. Funny, isn’t it? Just few weeks ago I have posted the benefits that people can get in drinking beer. Now I’m suffering from the side effect of excessively drinking it.

I have read a lot in the internet that there is no cure for gout arthritis. Interesting, isn’t it? I panicked!

Fifteen Ways To Annoy Facebookers

In no particular order, here’s a fifteen-way guide on how to annoy Facebookers, especially those listed on your friends list. Have fun! 

1.   Treat Facebook like Twitter (e.g., I just sneezed, I ate cheese, I’m bored, etc.)

2.   TyP3 uPd@t3s 0r P0$t c0mM3Nt$ LiK3 a j3j3m0n. j3j3j3

3.   Change your profile picture every hour!

4.   Post selfies every hour and tag your friends!

5.   Post random pictures and tag random friends even if they’re not in the picture.

Wrong Number (Marry My Daughter)

A misdialled call or a call to a wrong number is not new in United States. 

This may occur because the number has been physically misdialled, the number was simply incorrect, or most likely, the number was given to another subscriber. 

CDMA or Code Division Multiple Access is the channel access method used by most telecommunication companies in United States; thus, handsets or cellular phones doesn’t have SIM card slots. Subscribers will be given cellular numbers by their providers such as Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T. 



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