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Good Grammar Is Sexy

If you don’t want the god of grammar to strike you with a lightning of words, you’d better be particular with your grammar.

In this industry, I’ve heard a lot of people talk in English with a very good accent and grammar. But their Facebook and Twitter accounts are not so pleasing to the eye. It doesn’t necessarily mean that if you’re excellent in conversational English then you’ll be excellent in writing, too. Spelling and punctuations matter the most in writing.

I have heard a lot of good speakers but are lousy writers. I’m serious. What I pity the most are those who are not even aware of their mistakes. I’m not trying to be a Grammar Nazi here because I’m not good with grammar, too. Humans as we are, we can’t really be perfect on something especially grammar, but I just admire other people’s consistency.

It’s sad that some people are good in conversational English but not in writing. They are not really aware of the difference between you’re and your, it’s and its, we’re and were; and sometimes, I see people who get confused when to use him and her. Like seriously, all you need to remember is that the letter “I” in him looks like a male reproductive organ, so you use him when you’re referring to someone who carries the same type of organ. Makes sense?
In this generation, where selfie is a daily routine for some, Google before you post is the new think before you speak.

What? No, this is not a grammar lecture. I’m just here to share 5 Common Grammatical Errors I see on Social Media.

Error #1: Ellipsis gone wrong. Do you ever have a friend on Facebook who puts a lot of dots after his post like “I’m so bored today........” I find it annoying. If that post is a woman, it will never get pregnant for it has a lot of periods.

Error #2: on Facebook vs. in Facebook. Did you notice that I use “on Facebook” in my statement on Error #1?

Error #3: LOL and Hahaha. As explained by my great-grandfather, LOL stands for Laughing Out Loud. So, you don’t LOL and Hahaha at the same time. That’s redundancy.

Error #4: Your vs. You’re. A lot of students failed to graduate in college because of this. These are the students who use “ur” on their Facebook posts just to be on a safe side.

Error #5: Capitalization. Improper use of this can make a big difference between “Help your Uncle Jack off the horse” and “Help your Uncle jack off the horse.” Did you see the difference there? No? Pfffft! Read again.

Now, if you’re going to ask me how to avoid these errors, buy a lot of good books then read, re-read, and read again!

How about you? What are those common grammatical errors that you see the most in your news feed?

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