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A Letter to No One


Dear Friend, 

It’s been a long time since we’ve talked. I hope this letter finds you well. 

I have been suffering from gout arthritis for the past few weeks because of a high level of uric acid in my blood due to excessive drinking of beer. Funny, isn’t it? Just few weeks ago I have posted the benefits that people can get in drinking beer. Now I’m suffering from the side effect of excessively drinking it.

I have read a lot in the internet that there is no cure for gout arthritis. Interesting, isn’t it? I panicked! Really! 

It’s so painful. It’s like there are hundreds of tiny needles hitting the joint of my big toe on my left foot and I can’t even walk properly. My left foot have swollen, it hurts. My diet is terrible; I’m not allowed to eat high-purine foods like red meats, internal organs, sea foods and some vegetables. It hurts even more that I’m not allowed to drink alcoholic beverages, especially beer, my favorite. I’m required to take 3 types of medicines daily, it also hurts my wallet. Now that doubles the pain, don’t you think? 

Sometimes, it really takes a painful experience for us to change our ways. 

It is so painful that sometimes I needed to wait for the pain reliever to take effect before I can let myself go to sleep. Sometimes I cry myself to sleep, hoping that everything will be better when I wake up. I blame myself for the suffering. I blame myself for the pain. But what can I do, I put myself in this situation so I needed to take the consequences. 

But I remember a wise man said that pain is a gift, we must accept it. Pain reminds us that we are human and that we have limitations. It reminds us that too much of something is a bad thing. In my case, I had too much beer. 

Pain is a gift because without it, life will not make sense. Imagine life without pain; there will be a lot of accidents on the streets and people won’t mind because it won’t feel a thing. Anyone can just commit adultery and no one gets hurt because there’s no pain. Life will not make sense without pain. So I am still thankful. 

For weeks I have been praying that He’ll take away the pain from my left foot but it wasn’t granted yet. I believe it’s His way of telling me that I’ve been drinking too much. 

My friend, I’m writing this letter not because I’m looking for empathy, it’s just that I have no one to talk to. It’s not that I don’t have friends. I do. I have friends at work. But they’re just too happy to be with that if I share the pain that I felt, they won’t take it seriously. 

I am happy that I have a friend like you, a listener. People like me who loves to talk need a friend like you who loves to listen. But it’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other and talked. I hope you can find time to read this. 

You might find this letter emotional but it isn’t. It’s just that things are getting serious this time. 

Hoping to see you soon! 


Your friend, 

Jibidibs Maldito


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