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Fifteen Ways to Annoy Facebookers 

In no particular order, here’s a fifteen-way guide on how to annoy Facebookers, especially those listed on your friends list. Have fun! 

1.   Treat Facebook like Twitter (e.g., I just sneezed, I ate cheese, I’m bored, etc.)
2.   TyP3 uPd@t3s 0r P0$t c0mM3Nt$ LiK3 a j3j3m0n. j3j3j3
3.   Change your profile picture every hour!
4.   Post selfies every hour and tag your friends!
5.   Post random pictures and tag random friends even if they’re not in the picture.
6.   Poke your friends every two minutes.
7.   Keep changing your relationship status from “single” to “in a relationship” and vice versa.
8.   Like your own post and thank yourself in the comments box for liking it.
9.   #Use #Hashtags #Incorrectly #Every #Single #Post #Because #It #Feels #So #Good
10. Like your friends’ old and ugly pictures, probably when they were still in high school or college, so that it’ll show up to all your common friends’ newsfeed, and people will laugh at them for how ugly they were back then.
11. Post rants and bad-mouth other people then hashtag #GoodVibes at the end of it.
12. Invite random friends in a group chat, and then leave the chat room.
13. Keep on clicking spam links so that your friends will see naked photos on their newsfeed.
14. Ask your friends to like your post or profile picture!
15. Report someone’s picture as pornographic even if unnecessary.
Bonus: or just be plainly stupid!
So did you really think that this was a guide to annoy your friends on Facebook? Of course not! This is actually a compilation of what annoying people do on Facebook!

Tag your annoying friends, and be ready to lose a friend or two!


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